R okat Empire

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Map of the Rokat Empire

The Rokat Empire is massive and extends from Andromeda all the way to the Virgo Cluster and Ursa Major Groups.  There are 1.3 quadrillion Rokat of all subspecies living under the command of Supreme Emperor Jakoba Hitikara.  Another figure given in my channeling logs says as many as 320 quadrillion Rokat and 6 quintillion citizens of all other species.  No matter how you look at it, there are a lot of citizens under Jakoba’s absolute rule.  The highest given population figure is for a whopping 630 quadrillion Rokat living in the Rokat Empire.

There are 1.2 billion planets.  I believe the other figures are for all sentient life in the Rokat Empire.  It is more likely that 1.3 quadrillion is a more accurate figure to the population of Rokat in the Rokat Empire.  It has been talked about that most worlds are frontier planets with small settlements and shared planets where the Rokat only have military installations.  Of the 1.2 billion worlds occupied by the Rokat, only 650,000 have substantial Rokat industrial capacity.  Of those, 24,000 are in the Andromeda Galaxy.  The Rokat Empire is stretched thin across its vast domain, depending primarily on military installations to maintain its hold on other worlds.

The Rokat are very powerful and influential despite having such a sparse population within the borders of the Rokat Empire.  The hold onto power is done through highly destructive technology and vicious retaliatory military tactics.  Most worlds in the empire have only a handful of bases and fortresses, so there is mostly a military presence outside of the civilian population centers.  The 650,000 populated worlds are their civilian population centers and the bulk of these are clustered in the Virgo Cluster and Ursa Major Groups.  The 24,000 settled planets in Andromeda are in a cluster within the galaxy surrounding Kidasuna in a narrow belt of stars in the midrange of the galaxy.  Kidasuna is in a stellar cluster created by the Rokat to contain 8 worlds and form a tetrahedron of energy grids with Kidasuna and Kurane at the center.  Kidasuna, despite its isolation away from 99% of the major worlds is considered the most holy and valued world.  There are many administration centers in the Rokat Empire, but the final decision is made in Milina, the capitol on Kidasuna.

This map shows the more precise location of the Rokat-GFL border.  M-83 which is marked by the red arrow is the location of Vandrania in 2017.  The map originally came with the blue circle.

Vandrania is a spiritual realm that has recently attempted existing as a material realm due to the Rokat's influence and meddling in the affairs of Elaera.  The Rokat Empire as a whole might drive other spiritual realms into material existence since the Rokat have plans to do so using advanced technology.

The motive that is currently known for this move is for the Rokat to acquire relics containing power and the development of new weapons and ships to advance the Empire into the spirit worlds themselves.  The material world isn't enough for them anymore.  A lot of ET Races exist in spirit, so it is the plans of the Rokat to invade these realms and conquer in terms they can understand.

What the Rokat are About

The Rokat are a warrior race that share cultural similarities to Earth’s Arabian and Japanese cultures. Their cities appear 19th century American, but this hides the extremely advanced technology of their large cities and warp capabilities. The species is divided into at least three subspecies, but more exist in small numbers.

The first and most numerous subspecies are the Warrior Race. They are muscular and powerful but short, around 5 ½ feet tall on average. The next subspecies are the Master Race and they are dark skinned and taller, averaging 6 feet tall. The last major subspecies are the sha-Rokat, which are short around 5 ½ feet tall, black, hairy beast like humanoids.

All Rokat are humanoid, having two arms, two legs and a head with bat or catlike facial features. All Rokat are largely carnivores to omnivorous with the Warrior Race.

The skull was produced from a photograph of a raccoon skull using Gimp.  This is the closest thing to a Rokat skull I could make.

Planet Kidasuna

Kidasuna is the oldest material planet where sentient life took root. It is very important to stress the importance of how holy and sacred the planet is, because of its importance to many extraterrestrial species. It is said that the White Lord otherwise known as YHWH was born and still maintains a portal to his realm there. Both the forces of good and evil have fought for control of Kidasuna.

The physical attributes of Kidasuna are that it has an atmosphere three times the pressure as ours on Earth and surface gravity at 1.03.

The planet’s history is divided into 4 ages. The 0-Age is the time before the Rokat came. This is a time of the Elves, Dragons and many other mythological creatures dominated the planet and had kingdoms.

The 1st Age is when the Rokat came to settle Kidasuna as a new home world. This was a time of conflict on Kidasuna and expansion of the original Rokat Empire, then known as the Sphere Galactic Federation or Rokat Federation.

The 2nd Age was a time of corruption and the fall of Puthade and the start of history for the Damo, Puthadian and Sipani races. This was a time of a gentle slide into chaos.

The 3rd Age where we are now is a time of constant warfare. The Rokat have fought wars with the White Lord as he tried in vain to annihilate the Rokat. The planet faced periods of destruction and renewal and the extinction of most mythological creatures that lived up until this period in history.

The 4th Age is said to be a coming time of peace and the start of a Gold Age, though current politics pushes continued war and a financial golden age. The next age is not known with certainty, but many ideas of the coming time have been prophesized.

Map of Planet Kidasuna

This map was created using RPG Maker 2003 for ease of use in creating digital maps.

Disclosure is Now.

This video was made to test a video software on my computer with a joking atmosphere, but the EVP at the beginning is no joke, the rest of the video is a lighthearted music video about the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Enjoy the reality of magic.

Channeling Log Books

The links below will trigger an automatic download.  These are MS Word files and can be opened with Open Office and MS Word without losing the formatting.

Below are a collection of channeled conversations with the Rokat and other beings connected to Kidasuna.  This is a complete history of my channeling since I began keeping logs of conversations from various messenger apps and private conversations with various alien and demonic beings.

Disclaimer: These books contain copyrighted images and are being offer free of charge because of this.

WARNING: These books contain all manner of hate speech, racism, bigotry and sexually explicit material and homosexuality.  By downloading these books, you are acknowledging maturity and a thick skin.  These books will offend and terrify the weak.  I have not censored any of the documents in any way and that leaves the nude images, photos of demons, killings, black magic, transformations and all manner of wicked and evil imagery.

The Pan Mythicas

Clicking these buttons will automatically download the file to your computer.  Books about Rokat Culture and life style.

History of the Rokat Empire is in need is a massive update since several spelling errors and chapters have since been added to this book.

Proof of Rokat activity on Earth

A friend of mine brought these news articles to my attention.  I researched it further and it seem like White Box, a software hidden in HAARP and possibly elsewhere that runs behind the scenes.  I don't know how this technology works, but it was intended for quantum computers, but it seems to have been made to function on normal computer systems or is beamed from Kidasuna.

The program is not called the Human Unified Mind Program and seems to operate through Jakoba's mind and the general of Jakoba;s 103rd Legion.  Everything shows that Jakoba is influencing Rodrigo Duturte.

These two articles especially the first talks exactly like Jakoba does.



Jacob: What is White Box?

Stihada: It is the pinnacle of control. It will enslave all of humanity to the will of Jakoba. He is secretly building his personal Unified Mind. He will take control of those who install White Box.

Jacob: What do you make of White Box?

Stihada: It is nothing more than Jakoba’s ambition built into a computer based weapon of mass enslavement. I fully support Jakoba in all his plans of grandeur. We are Rokat, so we seek to better ourselves by enslaving weaker species. The Final Awakening is upon us.

This next part was in 2013 when I stopped seeking information about White Box that has now evolved into the Human Unified Mind Program.

Jakoba: Are you saying that we can make the humans turn into a bunch of girlish cry babies? I have to see this.

Michiro: If we can get Jubali’s Unified Mind to work on Earth with White Box; we will be able to turn the humans into whatever Jubali is feeling. We can sway the minds of all the humans who own television sets. The humans have started to use a digital signal, but all we could do on our own is make zombified knuckle-draggers.

Jakoba: I think turning humans into knuckle dragging brutes is fun and all, but how do we hit the world at large, since White Box only affects a couple of human territories on Earth? We need to find a way to use HAARP as a means to transmit the White Box signal all over Earth.

Michiro: This is where Gimosu comes in. She has the ability to mess with technology like a puppet. We put a Link-Up in her brain that will transmit her puppet powers to White Box. The subroutine is already in place. She will have to try to find a way to break into the computers at HAARP. Once she does this, we will be able to use her brain as a means to broadcast White Box over the entire planet. There are many ionosphere devices on Earth.