R okat Empire

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Technology Zones

The Rokat live on Kidasuna live in a variety of Technology Zones.  The Lowest level on this system is the Classical Era, which in our terms would be about the same level as 1890 America.  There are electric lights in the houses and telephone lines.  It is not much different than living in a Victorian Era community.  The next is the Common Era which is equated to 2050 Earth.  Cities under this level are quite luxurious.  The next and highest level is Imperial Era which is where the Rokat incorporate their most advanced technology into everyday living.

The Classical Era Zones cover most of Rokat Civilization where the cities are smaller than 50,000 Rokat.  There are exceptions to this, but they are few and far between.  I have a strong reason to believe that this is where the Rokat’s technological growth would have peak if it were not for the Darkness of Lore on the Dominion, Seuwrhan and Janu on Kidasuna for bridging huge gaps in technological advancement.

The Rokat seem to start colonies with Classical Era and let them develop past that, and few ever do.  The Rokat build colonies with Classical Era level of technology and let the colony grow and return later to add a spaceport to begin to trade with it.  If the colony is very important, they will develop it well beyond the Classical Era.

The Common Era is most often used for cities that manufacture technology and equipment for common use, hence the name.  Common Era is well advanced for Earth’s level of technology.  The most advanced technology used at this level is antigravity, genetic manipulation such as genome writing, DNA computers, lazars and cell phones.  Most of the technology is already present on Earth, but not at the sophistication as seen on Kidasuna.  Computers are faster and more complex than those found on Earth.

The Imperial Era level of technology covers starships and space faring technology.  Civilian technology was never developed to its maximum, so the bulk of resources were poured into starships.  The Rokat have a few cities that incorporate this level of technology, but it is only small parts of large cities.  I have no information on what technologies are exclusive at this level, but I will say that Warp Drive is one.  Anything that has to do with space travel would be here.

The Rokat tend to mix technologies.  Bus systems are often dated to the Classical Era and are styled as such.  The modern city in Kidasuna would effortlessly blend these elements together.  Cars and roads fall under the Classical Era as well.  Brick streets can be found in downtowns of even Milina, Puthade and many other very large cities with spaceports.

In the City

Getting Around

It is easy, just get on the bus, pay your fare and sit down.  This is how you would get around in the cities.  For those who live far from a city or town will have to drive a car.  Kidasuna has many options to get from one place to another.

If you live in a large city where private cars are either illegal or unpractical, you will find a bus line nearby in most neighborhoods.  The cities are so well connected you can take public transportation to 95% of the populated areas on Kidasuna, for the remaining 5%, you need a boat.

Buses on Kidasuna come in three sizes, small, medium and large.  Small buses carry 16 to 24 people through neighborhoods and across trunk lines that follow the major streets.  The medium buses carry 48 to 60 people and run along the major streets to the business and industrial districts.  The large buses carry 100 or more people between cities and go long distances across the mainland of Kidasuna.

In some of the old cities where history is important or elegance is preferred, they use railroad trolleys that serve the old parts of the town.  These are common in places like the old towns inside Puthade and Milina.

The subway seems to be rare since only Puthade has a subway system in place.  Puthade is so large that a high-speed underground system is needed to get workers into downtown.  I was told that the trains can go over 200 mph in the suburbs.

If you want to cross the ocean, they also have island hoppers.  These are ferries that carry vacationers to the islands where most of Kidasuna’s super resorts are located.  Booking passage on one of these ferries is not cheap.  The boats are traveling thousands of miles into the ocean following the archipelago that stretches a third of the way around the planet.

Kidasuna is too small for you and you want to go to another planet, you can book a seat on a space ship.  This service is run by private companies who are often based in Puthade where there are no regulations governing their practices.  Some captains might be running illegal materials in or out, but it is the risk of going aboard someone’s ship.

If you have the luck of owning your own car, do not try driving into downtown, they only accommodate buses.  Parking lots are rare outside of the suburbs.  Rokat love their history so much they made it illegal to tear down their old buildings to build a car culture.  You will have to park at a transit hub and ride the bus.

Cars are small, not unlike our Smart Cars.  If you drive a truck, you can go anywhere you are told to deliver something.  Trucks have some unique technology in the way they are driven.  Trucks can drive sideways and rotate on a dime.  The wheels on trucks are all driven by independent motors and can rotate on hubs allowing the truck to rotate and drive sideways, whatever is needed.

Kidasuna’s railroad network is very limited as it can only bring goods into and out of major cities.  Small towns follow a trunk line highway and sometimes a railroad if it is a high production zone where truck traffic would clog the local roads.  Railroads mostly move products from site to site construction, like done with starships and other large products having to do with the space industry.


The Rokat style of entertainment is through theater and dance.  The stories told are mostly heroic battles, like Greek Mythology.  Sometimes a tragic love story makes it to the theater, but it is rare.  The Rokat enjoy music and making music, to why the Rokat say that the dying screams of their foes are music to their ears; though this does not match the actual music of these people, it does describe their violent nature and love of war.  War and battle have penetrated through every class of Rokat society that even the most refined of this species enjoys watching an execution.  Bars and drinking make up a large proportion of Rokat life that whole cities exist for it.

The Rokat Teahouse is the most popular form of entertainment among Rokat.  The teas they drink contain psychotropic compounds.  The interiors of these teahouses are brightly painted, often in contrasting colors and stained glass windows.  The teahouses advertise with red signs and in the old days before electricity, used fire of varying colors in their lanterns, which adorned the porches of these houses. Lanterns are still used in most cases, but now are powered by other light sources and not fire.

The teahouse caters to the wealthy, but there are teahouses that cater to the regular folk. Most teahouses have a small stage inside where a live band plays relaxing music. More elaborate teahouses have multiple stages and a garden usually with a water feature like a babbling brook or a pond with fish. The fun about the teahouse for most is the funny antics of patrons as the night goes on. Some Rokat begin to dance and just act silly under the influence of the teas drunk at the teahouses.

The styles they use for clothing, architecture and lifestyle has gone unchanged since the dawn of their civilization. What has worked the best has not changed because of aesthetic appeal; it is left to endure the ages. The Rokat have basic clothing styles, mostly to function and identify a worker type from another. Since Rokat have a rudimentary artistic ability, common themes exist throughout the Empire.

The Rokat enjoy participating in weapon sports, like Kotomaji, which is like falconry with native bat species. The Rokat have very exclusive leagues and a few areas in which the art of Kotomaji is used for a livelihood. Some extremely wealthy Rokat have been able to import birds from Earth to compete in a very elitist style of Kotomaji. All sporting events used to show off skill are open to the public, but prices to attend range wildly from free to the price one would pay for a mansion.

Archery is another sport the Rokat enjoy doing and watching. Rokat bows have an extremely high draw weight, which is around 450 to 600 pounds. Rokat train very young at age 2 or 3 with bows that measure in at 30 pounds draw weight. The Rokat are known to have extreme skill with bows and competitions are marked by contests of hitting fist sized targets at 3,000 feet. Archery is probably the most popular hunting sport among the middle classes since Kotomaji as a sport is very elitist.

The Rokat also have a form of dodge-ball, which is very easy to play and has few rules. The score is counting how many strikes you can get by hitting the other team’s players. The sport trains with a hard rubber ball, but professional leagues use an 18 pound steel ball. Injuries are common and the players use very little protection. It is said that this sport is played by the Warrior Class when there are no wars to fight. The sport has a lethality that is as high as fighting a real war. This is the football and baseball of Kidasuna.

Dress and Appearance

In Shanibala, most Rokat wear only the basics and usually plain colors too. In Shanibala, clothes are made to order, you cannot go buy ready-made clothes. The tailor shop will keep your measurements on file so that your next visit goes much faster. They measure you nude, so that the measures are of your actual body.

Traditional wear for a farmer is a robe, similar to a hip length kimono, made from heavy wool. Underneath are worn black pants that fit close to the skin and a sleeveless shirt that can be of any color. The kimono is sleeved and over the robe is worn a knitted vest with a button closure on the front. The vest can be knitted with patterns to identify the family, which he works for.

Indoor workers forgo the kimono worn outside; instead they wear a white shirt with long baggy sleeves. The vest worn indoors is woven of fine threads and is usually a plaid of the colors of his or her choosing. Rokat usually wear black close fitting pants, at least in Shanibala where summer temperatures rarely reach 70 degrees.

The sorcery class typically wears plain clothes, only wearing their ceremonial robes at the time of rituals. The ritual robe is most similar to a Japanese Kimono. A Rokat is nude under this robe. This robe is fashioned from fine silk.

The nobles wear very elaborate versions of the traditional garbs worn by Rokat. Nobles seem to fancy the clothing of Puthade, though not made for the cold climate of Shanibala. The nobles wear Puthadian made clothes to the teahouses, using an overcoat to protect them from the cold.

Monetary System

Ruva is the imperial currency and is used widely by the Rokat and other species that were spawned first by Kidasuna. Ruva used a different system to determine its value. The Rokat have a target value that they try to maintain at all costs.

The government mints coins. There is no paper money. They have cents, which are divided into fractions, instead of 100 cents; they have ½ ¼ ⅛ Sharuva coins. The government only mints money as is needed to maintain the pool of money within the system.

The Rokat monetary system is based on the rate of spending. The Rokat government keeps a record of the base prices of all goods and services offered to the consumer. The Rokat have a yearly average on record, so any deviation from that baseline is reflected in inflation and deflation of the currency.

The first line represents the percentage of deviation in spending from global average. The second line represents the amount of deflation and inflation of the currency. The third line represents an example based on a R1,000 Ruva purchase. When the economy swings beyond the 18 percent range of deviation the prices lock at the highest shift of 24 plus or minus percent of average.














The Rokat also have an income based pricing system to greater lesson the extent of power of the super wealthy and increase the buying power of the super poor. This next chart shows the price differences between different income rates. Rates are not based hourly like on Earth. Most businesses calculate income by a daily rate.














For small villages and Classical Era communities the price on store shelves is based solely on the first table. If the market spending is 9% above the global average, a R1,000 Ruva purchase will be R1,257 Ruva. If you live in a Common Era community the price will then incorporate your income. The price you pay on credit will be the average between the Market Rate and your income.

With the Market Spending in our example being the 9% above global average, we will make a R1,000 Ruva purchase with a R13-15 daily income rate. The purchase is R882 Ruva on credit. If you pay in cash the same purchase would only account for the Market spending which would make it R1,257 Ruva.

Cashless system

With Jakoba’s reign well underway and well established, there has been a massive empire wide shift to a cashless society. All purchases will be using the rules of credit purchases except in selected historical places where the Ruva and Sharuva coins will be kept in use to connect with the past.

The shift to cashless spending is a result of the imperial government to fully eliminate panhandling and tax fraud from Rokat society. A secondary push was the need for equality for the poor and the rich to be charged justly for goods and services where the poor are over spending in Classical Era Zones and the rich are not spending enough.


Kidasuna has a system of immigration in which Rokat starseeds can return home. All spaceports maintain a classroom at a local university for reintegration into Rokat society. The class will cover all the subjects of this book and more. The Rokat Empire does not have a Visa Program or National ID. Identification on Kidasuna is done by police fingerprint scanners and is only used in criminal justice. There is no system in place to identify others on the street other than by what they say. Once you are allowed to attend the Immigration Class, you are pretty much a citizen of the Rokat Empire.

During the class you will live on the campus where the class is being held. After the class is completed in a year; you will be helped in acquiring the social services you need to live on Kidasuna. You will be allowed to live your human life span, but you will have the Star of Shakina tattooed on your right hand with a special ink. The ink can be identified by police scanners to avoid fraud created by free humans.

Rokat Culture

Rokat Heart

The Rokat Heart is more than just the pump that pushes blood through the body. For the Rokat a large physical heart means stamina and vigor. The reason the heart is describe as being so loud as to drown out the screams of battle, is because the hearts of soldiers beat in tune with the rhythm of their war drums. Rokat war drums are very loud and deep. The sound carries for miles. The rhythm can run 180 beats per minute and sounds more like a constant role of thunder to human ears.

In battle this belief of the heart’s power takes center stage in the defeat of other warriors. A heroic victory and glory is achieved only when the victor cuts out the still beating heart of his adversary and takes a bite of it while the still conscious loser dies. It may take several minutes for the loser’s body to stop moving after the heart is carved from his chest.

Fire in Rokat Religion

The Rokat hold special significance to the sacred nature of fire. All Rokat magic that I know about involves a large ritual fire. The Rokat have a long history with fire. This history is not like ours at all. The Dominion was burned so hot the rocks turned red. The battles there involved the whole world being burned. The Rokat see fire as a destructive element.

The universe started by heat. Everything was hot and later cools. The Rokat understand the creative power of fire, but when it comes to life, fire is destructive. The Rokat worship the destructive nature of fire in all the rituals they perform.

Fire in Rokat magic is viewed as the body of the gods that are manifested during the ritual. The smoke is viewed as the mind of the gods summoned during the ritual. Lots of smoke means that the gods are busy thinking and sending messages back and forth. The fire itself is the body of the god or gods. The deities that manifest are usually seen in the fire or the smoke.

A demon manifested in the fire is actually there with you. This is the demon in its form at your command during a ritual. When the demon is seen in the smoke, it means that you only have the mind of the demon present and not the body. The mind of a demon is powerful, but having the demon’s undivided attention with a body of flame is always best.


The Rokat dining hall is a mixture of human cultures.  The table and seating resemble Arabian Style and the table settings resemble Japanese dishes and utensils.  The table is about knee high and the floor often has a smaller recessed area for the feet to recline in.  The sitter sits on cushions like throw pillows, which they would place for comfort.  There is often a railing behind the seating area to provide something to lean on while eating.

The place set consists of a bowl that fits in the hand, drinking glass and a set of chop sticks with pointed and flat ends on them.  At the center of the table will be several serving bowls with their own utensils.  You serve yourself and it is only polite to take two or three servings and you usually only eat one item at a time in the bowl you hold.  The chopsticks have pointed ends for handling larger food items and flat ends for handling smaller items such as their equivalent of rice or grain meal.  For some reason the Rokat see finger food as uncivilized.  There are no sandwiches, hot wings, french-fries and cookies.  Dessert is usually something sweet and it is only polite to have one serving.  Pudding is common; they also make something like cookies that are round thumbnail sized croutons often served over ice cream or pudding.

There is another type of dining hall and that is a stand up style used by cheap restaurants.  The table is much higher, about the same height as a tavern bar top.  When the space is small, the Rokat will stand up to dine.  Most Rokat restaurants prefer standing dining too seated dining.  Only the most lavish establishments will seat their customers in the traditional home-style seating.  Passing gas at the dinner table is still bad etiquette.  The Rokat do not have any special rules about whether to keep your lips closed while chewing. I have observed them eating with their mouths open.


Most Rokat bathe daily after work and most homes have a bathroom or several in them.  The bathtub is still sometimes a luxury.  The tub itself is usually an oval or circular tub that is only large enough for one Rokat to bathe at a time.  They do have soap, which can be made from plant oils and is usually scented, but not always.  Those who do not have a private tub will go to the bathhouse, which offers similar bathing facilities as a Roman bathhouse.

These bathhouses are always open after the normal working hours and offer a community space to unwind.  Sometimes locals who have private tubs go for the social atmosphere. The Bathhouse also serves as a meeting room for the local government. Most bathhouses offer food and wine at the hot pool during meetings, but not on normal nights. The only civic duty that does not take place at the bathhouse is paper work.

The Rokat has a distinction between Bathroom and Restroom.  The Restroom has no bathtub while a Bathroom does.  Make sure you have a Bathroom in your house and not just a Restroom. The toilet and sink also exist in the bathrooms of every Rokat house.  The toilet is shaped like a narrow bowl about 2 feet long and a foot wide and is at ground level.  You have to squat over it to do your business.  After using the toilet, like in our society, it is polite to wash your hands after using the restroom.  The Rokat wipe with a cloth and wash it out after each use.


Men do have the luxury of having multiple wives due to the female population being three times higher than the males. A Rokat can marry as many wives as he wants. Most marriages on Kidasuna are with a male and two wives.

The first wife is the higher-ranking wife with all the others succeeding her. Only the first wife has elevated status over the other wives. The first wife is often the first to have children, but it is not taboo for the second or third to have children first.

The husband mates with his first wife. If a marriage has three or more wives, the lower ranking wives tend to compete for the husbands favoritism. This tends to lead to marriages of only two wives even if the husband has time for a third.

In the Noble Class, having three or more wives is encouraged, to bring rivalry into the equation. The lower ranking second and third wives will compete by buying the husband property and pampering him. The husband refuses to choose a favorite among his lower ranking wives to keep this rivalry going, so that he continues to be showered with gifts and luxuries.

When the husband marries his first wife, she has seniority over the subsequent wives. The first wife has the power to decide if the husband can marry another wife or not. She has the final say if the wedding will continue. The first wife often chooses who the second wife will be and so on.

The children produced in a polygamist marriage all have equal standing, no matter which wife they were born from. One of the wives, usually the second wife will remain jobless to take care of and raise the children while the primary wife and husband work.

Rokat Sex

For the Rokat, sex is the sacred act of consummating a union. This behavior only occurs after they see each other in true love. The male usually only has sex with one wife. The female Rokat will not release an egg unless she is mated and she is willing to be mated. There are no rape pregnancies among the Rokat unless a drug is used to force ovulation.

Rokat do not find any touch that is not intercourse as sex. The male’s reproductive organs are kept inside his body like whales and marine mammals. This is an evolutionary measure the species took, so that reproductive organs were not lost in combat. The female Rokat does not form plump breasts until she is lactating. Her chest is flat with a slight raised area where the milk glands remain. Plump breasts are a sign of a married mother. After having children the breasts will always seem a little plump to show other males that she has been mated. She will never remarry if her husband dies. That is why the male will usually only mate one of his wives.

Rokat have sex facing each other. They look deep into each other’s eyes and get lost in the moment. The male will press his genital slit over the female’s vaginal opening. The female clitoris will have an erection and enter the male by an inch. The female has a ¼ inch thick clitoris that is used to stimulate the male erection by tickling the head of his penis. The clitoris is pushed out by the erecting penis and she is entered by a 5 inch penis. Love making will last as little as a few seconds, but the pleasure making can last hours. Unlike the human male, the Rokat penis has continuous blood flow, so it is not as hard as a human penis.

He may lick the nipples of the female to stimulate a nurturing nature in her to keep the pleasure making going. They do touch and feel each other on and around the butt and lower back. Older males like to be touch and have their manes played with since the hair is connected to the sexual circuit in the brain. Older males have sex for longer periods of time than young males. The other oreganos zone is the skin under the chin on the female is sexually aroused by the male gently nibbling it. The male has a nibbling place on the sides of his neck that just makes him melt.


It appears that manners are something that are inherited traits of likes and dislikes throughout the species. They seem to be very aware of the little things that can really piss you off and to avoid doing those things. Rokat are not very complicated, but they do like the finer things in life.

Public Displays of Affection

Bow your head when you greet a Rokat, Inugan or Vinorian.  Public affection is common among Rokat and Vinori.  Even same gender affection is commonplace.  Kissing is not seen as sexual nor is hugging and cuddling.  Trust is very important in Rokat life.  Rokat seldom cheat in a relationship.  Nude contact after battle is viewed as therapeutic and not seen as gay.

Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is unheard of in Rokat society and is treated as attempted murder by poisoning in the court system. There is no such thing as controlled substances in Rokat law. The only laws govern how such substances are taken, if it is smoked or consumed. The Rokat view the body as a temple to the self and thus will not abuse it with poisons.


There are very few to no homeless in any Rokat city, because the Rokat do not feed them or provide any services to them. They are often forced to leave the cities and go into the wild and start cities of their own. Most homeless in Rokat society have to give up their civilized ways for becoming feral and living like animals in the wild places of Kidasuna. In most cases they are often put to death.

Ta Daka (No Place)

This is the stripping of all rights and even the title of being called Rokat. The Rokat believe that in order to be Rokat one must act as they do and have the values associated with being a Rokat. This is an old concept that means that if a Rokat does not display proper Rokat etiquette or is a criminal that victimizes other Rokat by thievery; rape or murder upon other Rokat can be stripped of everything including being labeled as Rokat.

In recent times this stripping of rights has included religious reasons of not bowing to the state religion. Ta Dakas are at such a low level in society that they are branded on the forehead with the word “Ta Daka” and are subject to agriculture laws allowing them to be killed as any common animal. The most recent development associated with the Ta Daka is that the clergy of some malevolent religions will harvest them as food or sacrificial meat.

Ta Daka status is also extended to the homeless and drug addicts even if they are housed. This status is used as a means to cleanse society of undesirables. This status makes it legal to use them for medical experimentation and training surgeons by means of vivisection. They literally have no rights and no status. They cannot buy property or even be allowed to carry money. They must be owned by a master who will house them and exploit them.

Openness of Conversation

Conversations are rather open and anyone can join in. Socially, there is a free sharing of information; nothing is all that private unless you take the conversation indoors. Conversation that takes place outdoors is an open invitation to bystanders. If conversation takes place indoors, it is intended to be more private. If conversation takes place in a public space like a restaurant or bar, it is still considered private, but the bathhouse is considered to be outside.

The Rokat believe that knowledge should be shared. During conversation, one has something to add, one can add without much if any ridicule, even in controversial subject matter. “If a point can be made, it should be made.”

Your Word is Law

If you say you will do something you must do it. The Rokat believe that the spoken word is law and when your word is wrong it is like breaking the law. The Rokat take it extremely hard when you break your word with them. For a Rokat the spoken word is as worthy as the written word. They are both seen as equally binding in a contract. If you say you will, you must do it.


The Rokat have a strong sense of duality, so when a challenge is made, it is always accepted. A challenge can be a simple test of skill in a certain area of work like who welds better or who can make a better sandwich. A challenge can be anything. If the challenger then backs down without going through with the challenge it is taken with great offense. As long as a challenge is met, even if the challenger loses, there are no hard feelings on either side, as long as effort is put forward to show that you meant to give it your all.


Weakness in general is frowned upon and accepting that weakness is even worse. Those who accept being weak are often cast out of society as having no ability to survive. Even if one is actually very weak, they can still be accepted if they try hard to achieve anyway, even against weakness.

Rokat Ethics

Burial Rituals

In some cities, cremation is the preferred way to dispose of a body. The furnace used is often in the industrial part of a city. The furnace used is similar to a blast furnace used for metal. The ones I have heard of actually have metal inside them, which is never used to manufacture anything mundane. Sometimes this metal is used for holy objects, but it is not a high quality metal.

The Heraldic Temples and the vast majority of Rokat bury their dead if possible and cremate if they cannot afford too or do not have room to bury. The honored dead are given priority at cemeteries where they remain until their time slot is over. The oldest bodies are removed first and the bones are ground up into powder and tossed into a body of water. If the Temple is large enough, they will be moved into the crypt under the Temple until they need more room still. The oldest bodies are always removed first and ground up. The ashes or bone dust is always tossed into a body of water. They prefer to do this in reservoirs where an essence is believed to exist. A lot of old houses have family crypts under them or a crypt room in the basement level.

A lucky few will have their bones used to build a Heraldic Temple called a Skull Temple. These are very holy places and never very large when they are built. Skull Temples exist in many communities, but the bulk of them are built in very spiritual places.

When the bones of a loved one are exhumed to make room for a new body, the bones are parted out to surviving members of their family. The skull is the most prized of the bones, followed by hands, feet, ribs and spine. Some poor Rokat will just have the body buried short term and exhumed for this process. The bones are typically kept for ten years before then being ground and tossed into a body of water. Some Rokat wills will tell who gets to have what in terms of the deceased’s remains.

Those of the Seuwrhanic Tradition practice cannibalism in their attempt to pass on magical powers and spiritual energy. Most Seuwrhanic Sorcerers write in their wills, who gets to eat them when they die. It is a very personal thing to ingest the flesh of a loved one or close colleague.


Homosexuality does not exist in the Rokat species if it is defined as having sexual intercourse. Furthermore, Rokat do not have sex unless it is with a wife. The Rokat do not have a strong sex drive, instead they have a strong desire to share their lives with members of their own kind. The females of both the Warrior and Master Race do not release an egg unless they are mated and reach sexual climax. Foreplay and fondling is quite common among all Rokat, but it is not viewed as sexual by the Rokat in general.

The Rokat Warrior Race tends to be highly affectionate with members of their own gender. It is how they build a close bond that rivals that of their family. The Warrior Race has to have a strong bond, because of the stress of war and it is how they get through a tough battle together. The relationship can otherwise be seen as homosexual, but sex never occurs among same gender Rokat. The way that Rokat mate is not compatible with a same gender coupling.

The Rokat Master Race tends to spend more time in loose groups. Their time spent in the bathhouse and in rituals where trust is less life depending tends to lead to a different form of relationship. They often take part in same gender fondling, but it is a bonding method between the males of ruling families. It is a way to establish trust in alliances, because competing families do not touch each other. Most of the touching takes place in the hot pool where members of the ruling class tend to stay after hours to fondle each other.

The Rokat do not perform oral sex. All the contact is with their bodies and mostly hands without close contact. Only the closest males will embrace and snuggle each other. This is a sign that two males are probably equals in status and rank among their peers.

Gender Equality

The Rokat are highly patriarchal in structure. The male owns his wives like property although the first wife chooses the succeeding wives. There is only equality if you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the mentalities of the genders. The male chooses the future evolution of the species. A dominant female will not have children, because no male will be dominated. Her genes will die with her. The reason why women get into positions of government is to provide the element of reason within a sea of egotistical thought. When it comes to making laws the males make all laws and the females enforces what the men create.


Racism is very strong in the Rokat, because the species is divided into several subspecies though propaganda would say they cannot interbreed when in fact they can. The Rokat hate the idea of the subspecies mating that they teach openly they offspring between subspecies are unholy, evil and in many cases cannot be made. The Rokat foster a highly racist society in that communities are segregated between subspecies.

The Rokat Warrior Race lives in poverty compared to that of the Master Race. The Warrior Race live as servants and lower class workers to the Master Race. The Master Race decides all the affairs of state and unites the clans of the Warrior Race.

The Rokat have divided the clans or sir names into Master Race and Warrior Race clans. These views are strong among the elite clans in the Master Race. The Warrior Race is proud of its strengths among its clans as well.

The Rokat have recently come face to face with clans from the Dominion, but the clans native to this universe are prejudice against them. There is a strong elitist desire among the clans that are predominately Master Race. There is a strong desire for the Master Race, because of its mystical ability to lead the Warrior Race that has little mystical ability.

The true authority in Rokat society is the use of magic among your clan. In Rokat society there is a need to handle magic as a natural aspect rather then having to learn it. The Master Race is magically gifted from birth rather than through training like with the Warrior Race. This natural gift allows the Master Race to innately gain power and authority over lesser breeds of the Rokat.

With the arrival of the Dominion Rokat in recent times; the Rokat on Kidasuna have set aside land in preserves and reservations. Later these regions will become connected to the greater Rokat Empire. There is a strong racial hierarchy on Kidasuna and the Rokat Empire for the various subspecies of Rokat. In general the Master Race that immerged on Kidasuna has the higher income positions and social status on Rokat led worlds.


This is an issue that Rokat have not really touched upon. They allow abortion without any restriction up until birth. They see this as a right to not live in suffering. If an unwanted child can be undone, it should be done. The Rokat believe that an unwanted child should not exist because it will not be loved to the fullest extent.

I have recently heard from my sources on Kidasuna that the Rokat practice forced abortion on families deemed too poor to properly raise a happy child. The target couples are males with only one wife. Since the church and state are one, marriage arrangements are known. The government forces these couples to get their children aborted due to potential lack of happiness.

Abortion is also used as an extension of the genetic health programs used to maintain public health. Bloodlines with chronic illnesses and high rates of criminality will have their children aborted. This also happens when two unhealthy bloodlines try to marry into each other. Sterilization is used in most cases, but forced abortion is seen in smaller towns.


This is an issue not talked about in any religious text on Kidasuna. It is probably left to personal opinion or is widely accepted as a way out when life gets too tough or miserable. However it is known that the Rokat routinely throw themselves into battles that they know will have no success just so they can show their sheer determination to fight.

The issue of suicide is an accepted way of death in matters of war in the case of suicide missions to show off determination in the face of impossible odds. The idea of suicide as a way out of a tough life is probably just as acceptable on the fact that the Rokat believe that money is key to happiness. The actual suicide rate on Kidasuna among Rokat is unknown, because the Rokat do not keep figures, nor do they pay attention to those without a will to live.

Medical suicide is an option left to terminally ill Rokat when it comes to incurable genetic diseases or birth defects that inhibit participation in society. The Rokat are known to die within a month if caged, confined, restrained or otherwise inhibited from social and physical freedom. It is known that Rokat in order to survive must be left with freewill and the ability to choose one’s destiny and fight to achieve it. Mass suicides in battle have occurred in the past when freedoms were taken away by the government.

Genetic Engineering and Playing God

The Rokat view genetic research and engineering the next generation as a tool to stabilize the species and maintain an unchanging way of life. The Rokat use genetic selection as a means to halt evolution. This also brings up sterilization as part of the equation. The Rokat will never kill a child because of deformity. They will however sterilize a defected child and stop them from breeding. The Rokat will not interfere with nature in that they will offer no corrective medical solutions to birth defects. They believe that if you cannot live unaided that life is not worth living. Rokat do not even medicate developmental and mental disorders either. These are viewed as defects which are to be left alone and allowed to be visible.

Medical Services

The Rokat maintain free medical care to all Rokat. They do not extend this practice to other species. The Rokat believe that medical treatment should be free because it is viewed as a basic right for all Rokat. They will not treat birth defects as stated already, but they will treat injuries and acquired conditions with cures.

The Rokat have created cures instead of masks for symptoms. The Rokat use natural cures and have banned medical practices from the free market system. Doctors on Kidasuna are paid for treating illness, not selling drugs. The same cannot be said about Puthade where there are no laws.

Mental health services are a bit sketchy at best. The planet only has one mental health care facility. This means that all Rokat unable to care for their selves will be sent there. The facility is called Banichi Institute for Mental Health. Anyone who is sent there is deemed needing care that will not be provided by the other prefectures.

The facility has over 100,000 patients and 8,000 doctors who tend to their every need. The facilities range from bedridden retardation to assisted living in which a care worker will visit every three days. The bedridden are allowed too live their lives as best as can be done for their situations. Each patient upon entry is given a basic set of services and this is worked out to create an individualized plan. The idea that Banichi stands behind is that everyone can reach their highest potential and enjoyment.

Corporal Punishment

The Rokat view criminals as a burden on society, so with anything that does not better society, they work to remove it. This is true for hardened criminals. For lesser crimes that do not endanger life or property the penalty is usually a fine or forced labor. This article deals with serious crimes like murder or burglary and activity that leads to the endangerment of innocent people. I am not going to list all the crimes, but common sense will keep you out of the prison system altogether.

The Rokat have no long term holding structures for prisoners. They work there hardest to keep criminals off the streets while reforming any who can be reeducated or placed into employment where their skills can be used for the Rokat instead of against them. This is usually for just being stupid and losing composure in public and doing something once or a few times. The fines are based on a percentage of your income instead of a flat rate. If you commit the same offense multiple times the fines will get steeper.

At some point Rokat go insane and go on a rampage or something. The fines are no longer deterring a life of crime. The court will bring the offender in and subject them to imprisonment. If a criminal will not reform their ways they will be sentenced to the Pit, which is a death sentence. The Rokat will not take care of people who will not follow the rules. Every crime has a frequency of occurrences and a total number of occurrences before it leads too the Pit.

The Rokat have no mental health services other than housing for those who are relatively peaceful and not a danger to society, so most who end up in the Pit are mentally ill Rokat with conditions that lead to unsafe behavior if they are allowed to live outside of a cage.

This is a floor plan of the Pit. This structure is used as the final result of criminal behavior. All who enter this facility will die there. The main gate marked “1” is the only way in and out of the Prisoner Yard. This gate is only opened to clean the facility after the smell of decay becomes noticeable outside the facility. Prisoners are often thrown in from the Observation Areas. The fall is about 20 feet onto a granite floor.

There is no running water in this structure except for the Guard Bathroom and the Prisoner Communal Baths. There is no prisoner access to food. Water taps can be found in the Prisoner Communal Baths, but it is locked so that no one can access it. There are a series of rooms used by the prisoners to keep out of the weather, but that is the only amenity provided.

The prisoners thrown into the Pit have to resort to cannibalism in order to survive. If there are no new prisoners thrown in, the survivors will also die of thirst. The Pit is designed to kill prisoners as well as house them as cheaply as possible. A great deal of work goes into the materials and workmanship.

The building is made from granite and polished so that water and blood just washes away. The floor is made from rougher granite to allow for traction of both guards and prisoners. The baths for the prisoners consists only of a drain in the floor and a drain is also in the center of the outdoor yard. There are at least 15 guards on duty for this facility at any one time.

The guards are trained to injure anyone who gets close to reaching the top of the wall. Rokat can jump 8 to 12 feet straight up, which falls short of the Observation Area floor. A few desperate Rokat have jumped high enough to grab the floor and climb up. The guards will shoot to injure, so that the other inmates will attack the escapee.

Augments with Rokat DNA

This has been an ongoing issue with the Rokat since the early days of Kidasuna. Rokat have been mating with the Vinori with few ethical issues raised from the couplings. It is now known the Vinori and Rokat both share a common ancestor, so they are considered next of kin.

It gets frightening when Rokat DNA is put into life forms that are way different. Damos, Puthadians and Sipanies have few rights and the ones they have now, are hard earned. A new breed has been made. Human Augments with up to 30% Rokat have been made, which in any religious circle is an abomination and a sin against all life. The science community simply views this as the next great experiment.

The Rokat Public at large is not aware of it, because they would have to go out of their way to dig up information on it. Humans are the lowest forms of life on Kidasuna and now the highest form of life is mixed in, what do you do? At this time the research is about 10 years into it. The Human Augments are believed to be healthy, sterile and above human physical and mental ability. They even have slightly pointed ears.


The practice of segregation takes place throughout the Rokat Empire. Precincts within the prefectures are created to separate one species from another. Precincts are districts governed by another species that has built a neighborhood or community on Kidasuna. The segregation is not so absolute that the two species cannot interact, but they must live in clearly defined neighborhoods. Some precincts are walled communities, but many are just areas of a larger city where buildings and property are set aside for use by another species.

Mental Health and Conditions

The Rokat are not immune to having mental conditions. There is no reasonable way to fully eliminate mental health issues without having to force abortions upon all children with any chance of developing problems later in life. The Rokat solution to the problem is with mixed results. It really depends on the disorders being dealt with.

The Rokat are prone to all kinds of mental disorders. Humans would think the entire population is insane, but that is just how we view them. Paranoia, overboard hostility, developmental and retardation are the most known to me.

The Rokat are not morally able to pass out pills and offer medical treatment for any disorder, even if it can be done. The Rokat are by law forced to let disabilities manifest at whatever level they would. I already mentioned Banichi Institute for Mental Health; now I am going to talk about mental health at the local level. For this article I will be talking about the system in place in Shikodu, which is a small city on Kidasuna.

Each city has some sort of services offered that will be extended over the whole prefecture and all the communities within. If a family is absolutely refusing to move their child’s care to the facility at Banichi, the local city will offer some services. The basic services are housing, which is offered in all cities to my knowledge. Shikodu offers a very wide variety of services for its size.

Housing is usually met by an institution like facility. Shikodu trains its own care workers for these people and offers services through the school system at the Sacred School of the Prophecy. The university offers classes in all manner of care for people with disabilities.

Shikodu offers a unique service which is found in only a handful of cities and even the largest cities might not offer it. Shikodu offers an art and creativity program which for the Rokat would be very rare. Most Rokat lack the creative genes of the Puthadians, but when disabilities manifest, all manner of personality traits immerge. Shikodu is one of the places that can feed this need to foster creative ideas.

Shikodu offers a wide range of housing and transportation options to reach the campus for the arts at the Sacred School of the Prophecy. There is a section on the campus that is only open to Rokat who are born with a mental disability that prevents them from living an otherwise fully normal life. If a Rokat needs assistance in living independently they will qualify for services in Shikodu.

Shikodu has lifted some bans on treatment for disabilities and mental illness in general. This is the only place on Kidasuna in which the services of psychology are in use. Again, mental health related drugs are banned across the entire Rokat Empire, so what is offered is someone who will listen to your troubles and offer sound advice.

There is a good chance that Psychology will grow as a profession, because of Shikodu and the research that is being done on the mentally challenged that are housed there. The reason Shikodu is spending so much money on acquiring developmentally disabled Rokat is because the Rokat spent all their resources studying everything outside themselves and never spent any time studying their own minds. Shikodu is breaking ground on exploring the Rokat mind and this could lead to great good.

If one with disabilities wanted to live without being a subject of research, one might move to the Banichi facilities or to Milina which offers similar services minus the psychology and therapy offered in Shikodu. At this time in Kidasuna’s history the Rokat quest to explore the mind has only begun and it was started in Shikodu. All the newest drug free treatments are being pioneered in Shikodu and it is spreading north as the students who learn and open practices in communities along the Gunoshiva Trail.

The Rokat do not view these disabled as a burden since they are adding to the wealth of knowledge about the Rokat brain and new styles of art. They offer a uniqueness that is offered by no other population on Kidasuna. The Rokat feel guilty about the need to care for this population, so they offer the best their society can offer them. Even in communities known for their low technology zoning offer superb luxury that few working citizens can afford.

It is common knowledge that the disabled Rokat exist and it is well known that most Rokat art is made by them. The Rokat are not very creative on there own, so when a disability brings out Puthadian levels of creativity it is often celebrated. The Rokat do not breed for creativity as it is not a driving factor in their evolution, but they do support the arts when it comes about by mistake.

Shikodu has many theaters and many of them are host to Rokat written plays and performances. This is a task that the Rokat have done on their own with limited success, but now that Kidasuna fosters creativity of the Rokat, it has an unusually large number of Rokat written performances. There are more plays written on Kidasuna in its 12 billion years, than have ever been written in the millions of ages that the Dominion has been in existence. Most of these plays were written in the last 257 years. This is more than has been written in the history of Rokat civilization.

Rokat are naturally paranoid. There are times when this paranoia gets the better of a Rokat and they go insane. Since the Rokat have no medical treatment other than talking to someone about it, they are left to deal with the condition. The Paranoid are most often the type of Rokat who become homeless and banished from any settlement. They are most likely to end up in the Pit and left to die as well as many other ostracizing things. These Rokat are simply removed from civilized society.

Since the Rokat are naturally paranoid of outside cultures, there is a balance that has to be maintained. The Rokat draw the line at disruption of the daily life of innocent people. There comes a time when society has had enough and something has to be done. A lot goes into justifying giving another Rokat the boot from society and left to die in any number of ways.

The first step is to make sure that the fears of paranoia are not grounded in fact. The Rokat are already paranoid as a species, so it is hard to draw the line here. Sometimes a Rokat is singled out for one reason or another for hatred and it is often not grounded on anything real. Sometimes it is the mentally disabled that are singled out in villages. In the case of Janu, his paranoia was grounded in fact. People in Shanibala wanted to kill him. Rokat are not so good at hiding the truth or lying. They cannot lie so they are truthful no matter how malicious the intent is.

I mentioned retardation, because the Rokat have to face this disability as a severe impairment on independent living. In Shikodu they are cared for by the Sacred School of the Prophecy’s mental health team. Binachi’s main function is to house and care for the mentally retarded. Shikodu offers this service as a means to study them.

The Rokat consider not being able to live as an adult as mental retardation. They have yet to specify the different types. The Rokat do not have an IQ test like the humans on Earth do, they measure intelligence as an ability to live and function without services from the government.

Mental retardation is dealt with in many ways depending on the case. Some are bed ridden and simply housed in institutions mostly in Banichi and one in Shikodu for research. The rest may have some ability to take care of their selves and are offered a private room in an institution, but they need help with self-care and preparing meals. The Rokat have all these areas covered and with good skill in caring for the needs of the people under this level of care.

The mental institution as found on Kidasuna is a very joyful place and is viewed from the outside as a daycare for adults. Children are always kept at home until they reach age unless certain circumstances force otherwise. Only Banichi deals with children.

Now we get to the more aggressive disorders. The Rokat are already prone to violence, so this is not a surprise at all. Rokat however seldom kill or injure members of their kind; this is highly unusual. When a Rokat goes crazy and starts to attack members of his own kind, things are going to end badly. The Rokat have no treatment for mental illness that involves drugs.

The only answer in this case is a prosecution for whatever crimes were committed and a hasty death sentence is carried out. All of this mental health and care for the disabled comes out of the tax payers, so they are not willing to pay to keep a dangerous individual alive. It has been expressed by the Rokat that such individuals should be killed.

The Rokat on Kidasuna will not in any way allows such dangerous persons to live if they have potential to bring harm to the general public. Most Rokat already carry weapons of some sort, but a crazy Rokat with a weapon is just as bad as a military assault on the public. Not all Rokat are trained in the fighting arts, so it is the duty of the government to keep the cities safe from deranged and crazy individuals.

Rokat who kill Rokat are them selves killed. Society as a whole will not tolerate such reckless behavior. There is only one case of this happening without reprisal and that is with Janu Hitikara when he murdered tens of millions of Rokat in his attack against Kidasuna Toki. Janu should have been killed, but his status at the time was immune to the law.

Most of the insane on Kidasuna are either forced out of the civilized world or thrown in the Pit to die a rather miserable death. For those who are cast out of the civilized world have only one chance at life and that is to find others who were thrown out of all the cities. This makes the majority of Kidasuna’s homeless population dangerously paranoid. It is the hope of the civilized world that they will die in the wilderness, but Rokat are very powerful predators.

This tactic of kicking out undesirables has led to Kidasuna developing a feral population of Rokat. They often prey upon the same animals that the larger species of farona would eat. The wilds have become a dangerous place with such beasts running around. The Rokat cities and places that are set aside for the civilized and otherwise non-aggressive live have to set up ways to protect themselves.

Pets and Mental Illness

This is a new factor about mental illness among the Rokat that I learned about from a telepathic source of mine. The Rokat consider a need for pets as a mental disorder needing treatment and segregation from the greater community. The Rokat seem to divide this mental disorder into two subsets called Social Pets and Fashion Pets.

First is Social Pets, which is taken less seriously, because the Rokat have legalized keeping humans as pets. Sometimes these pets are retarded humans who are born and sold as pets because they serve no purpose and breeding them would produce unhealthy offspring. Social pets are kept for the sake of saying I own this or that. The Rokat draw the line at sentient hairless species like humans.

The Rokat will shun the keeping of animals like cats and dogs because to them it is considered filthy and unhealthy. Rokat can be taken away to Banichi Institute for Mental Health because of nonhuman pets. The sentence and treatment is life long and there is no hope of being cured. Since the Rokat do not use medication for mental health, there is absolutely no hope of being treated and sent home to return to life in the greater community.

Fashion Pets however is treated seriously and it is grounds for your rights to be taken away as a way to protect you from your own filthy habit. Fashion Pets are animals bred specifically for their looks rather than any real function. This is nothing new to the Rokat, but creating an animal that has no place in nature is considered sick and very disgusting. Fashion pets as it turns out are most common among wealthy Rokat who legally keep albino humans and smaller numbers of Dosuka, Satane and Gurabi. There are other species kept and some of them are not native to Kidasuna. The fear is that some of these animals will get out and populate Kidasuna’s wilds.

The Banichi Institute is sometimes used to house harmless people on the grounds of public health. The Rokat immune system is more than capable of handling anything nature can throw at it, but the idea of animals inside the house just makes some Rokat sick to the stomach. The Banichi Institute treats this disorder with isolation and no access to animals. The Rokat believe that social behavior is meant to be shared among other Rokat and no other species. Even allowing members of another species such as traveling Satane which are the most common overland travelers is still considered a mental disorder, because the Rokat view all other species as wild animals that belong in the wild, not in the house.

The Rokat at best will offer Satane or other species a bed of straw in the garage or porch. The Rokat will not allow these travelers into their house for fear of being caught with “animals” in the house. Such kindness is not seen on Kidasuna. The Rokat will allow other Rokat to bed for the night inside the house, even a farmer who works directly with animals, but not anyone who is not a Rokat. It is considered filthy to be anything other than a Rokat. The Rokat have reluctantly opened their homes to human slaves, only because with training humans can act Rokat enough to pass as clean. The Rokat relaxed the pet laws wherever a great number of super wealthy politicians live, so they can escape the Banichi Institute’s wards.

Weight of Deadly Situations

By far the most evil thought one can have is that of killing yourself to escape. The Prophecy itself does not concern itself with such things is a sign that suicide is a rare phenomenon in Rokat society. Suicide can happen by legal means in that no law has ever been made against the practice.

The Rokat believe that if life is so terrible that you are drawn to killing yourself that nothing should be done against it. There are no religious rules against the practice, but if you do die in vain in a socially frowned upon. There are a few social queues claiming that suicide is wrong and evil, but nothing is spoken about due to the rarity of suicide.

Social contacts I speak to say that suicide is a most grievous sin of all. They have claimed that suicide is so rare because of the social requirement for strength in tough times to endure and live. Suicide is frowned upon to such a degree that those who die by suicide are said to be cast in Kurane.

The value of life in Rokat society is extremely high and thus social services are highly accessible and little effort is needed to reach help. There must be a strong opinion on life that the Rokat have provided such easy access to suicide prevention. It is believed widely among my contacts that suicide leads to damnation. The exact rules and laws might very, but these are the rules I know to be true.

If you are aware of a situation that leads to death and you continue willingly into that situation and die that it is suicide. Suicide is actually any knowledge of a situation that you enter that you know can be fatal. If you die in that situation, it is suicide.

The situation of knowing about a possible death in a situation also covers the battlefield as well. There is a reason that the Emperor never goes into a situation from which they might not return. The Emperor will instead send soldiers that have no choice but to follow orders even into deadly situations.

The Rokat has such a powerful unwritten code about suicide that no religious rules need to be written for it. All the known practices of the Rokat point to an obsession to avoid all suicidal situations in combat or civil affairs that are known to be fatal in the past. If one is aware of a deadly situation they should take care to avoid it, because death in such a situation is suicide.

There is a risk in gambling with deadly situations, but the Rokat army is forced to face such, while the royals at the top are safe in their camps or palaces back home. The Emperor is in no way liable to the suicidal deaths of the soldiers sent to fight in deadly battles that can lead to suicide. It is a hero that comes back from deadly battles.

Being a hero is something to strive for, but the risk in battle is not worth it in most cases. Those that make hero status are those that went into potentially fatal battles and returned home and thus are the system of honor. When soldiers survive potentially fatal battles is when heroes are named. The more dangerous the battle is the more honors the heroes gain when they return home.

The idea about suicide is weighing of risk with heroism on the battlefield. There is great risk in going into deadly battles that your general says are fatal, but if you return the heroism is so great and rewarding that it is worth the risk. The Emperor himself might give you a palace or give you a rank in his personal legion. Honor is the most prized possession on Kidasuna but its acquisition is the most feared task. Those that die burn eternally in Kurane, but those that return home are given places of power.

Religious material

Below are listed links to material about the religious lives of Rokat and other species lving on Kidasuna.