R okat Empire

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Alien Races Encountered or known by the Rokat Empire

Civilizations marked in "GREEN" are known to humanity.

Civilizations marked in "RED" pose a major threat to humanity.

Civilizations marked in "BLUE" are known to humanity and pose a threat.


This star system is called Hanasunira by the Rokat. There is no mention of a native sentient species, but the location is used by the Rokat and other alien species as a place to manufacture spaceships and other hardware. The Rokat have a military installation inside the star itself where a certain alloy is made. It is clear that the Rokat need massive stars like Aldebaran for the manufacture of certain alloys, but it is not known if this star is used to manufacture Blue-Sun Steel, which is an alloy that is carbon based to build Black Moon Ships.

Alpha Draconian

They are the most similar species to the Rokat in ideology and religious structure. Both species have a thing for fire worship. The Rokat call the Alpha Draconian home world Dorako. Some of this species grouped here evolved from dinosaurs, but the evolution took place off the Earth.


They are a reptilian type of alien with a war like tendency. They destroyed their home world with help from the Rokat when a trade for a super soldier turned into a weapon of mass destruction. The planet called Allinose II is currently annexed as a colony world and major supply base.

Andromeda Council

There are a number of worlds currently known to the Rokat for this organization. The Rokat were made aware that this organization runs the Galactic Federation by a human channeler. They recognize several worlds by their own names. The planet Zenetae is called Zinita by the Rokat. A world within the Andromeda is called Tishtae by the Council is called Tashite by the Rokat. I am sure that all the listed planets on the website for this group have Rokat names, but only two have come up in discussions.


There is no physical description given by the Rokat, but they are described as being world builders. They seem to be very advanced compared to the other species described. The Anunnaki lived on both Earth and Mars. The pole shift that led to the fall of Atlantis and the other Ice Age civilizations was a result of Anunnaki intervention.


This species is at war with the Rokat and they are known for their many attempts to meddle in Rokat political affairs.


A space fairing energy based life form with similar appearance to the Diaki Celestials. This might be a lesser form of the Diaki Race. They might be the angels seen in religious lore and serve the White Lord and other powerful species like the Diaki themselves.

Celestials - Diaki

They can go by any number of names. They are an energy based life form that lives inside a star. The body of this species is the star itself. They are massive entities with incredible power and influence. A detailed history is given for this species in the Prophecy.

They are the founding species for this universe and the first to exist. They are the oldest material species in the universe and the most powerful. No one can channel them or contact them. They are a very paranoid species that views organic life as maggots that grow from their dead kin.

This species has however made an alliance with another species called Vinori, which live to worship the Celestials. Only the true Celestials have bodies that are stars. There are other beings that live in stars, but these are probably just cells from the Celestial’s body, not unlike panspermia. The Celestials are probably born the same way stars are and live the same life cycle.

Ciakar – Sha-Kupu

The creation of the Ciakars had them in line with the Rokat. The Rokat word for them is Sha-Kupu, which means Of-Honor. This is a noble title for a species to obtain from the Rokat. The Rokat had a hand in the formation of Ciakar culture. They did however become polluted with lies from Yahweh, which led to a war between the two species. The Rokat have recorded much of their history and they are called Winged Warriors in the Rokat religious texts.


This species is short lived and they live about 17 years. A Chikopa’s childhood lasts about 5 years before they are full grown. The Chikopa are the people of the southern ice fields. These are one of the warrior species, and directly descendent of the farona. This species is made more fearsome by its thick lion’s mane and white fur, which helps them blend into the snow. They are not a species of trade and peace, but a species known for piracy.

They do not have much of a culture other than what they steal. They are 6’ - 6’6” and very strong. They live only on meat and usually do not bother to cook. They are the most underdeveloped species of the Big Four.

For the purposes of training, they are taken as babies when they are still impressionable. They have shown an ability to learn basic skills, but will always be a rough customer. They often get involved in jobs where strength is needed and in fighting sports.


Damos are very strange in that they grow to full adulthood in 1.5 years and only live to be 30 years old. This species lives quickly and dies young. The Damo is the sex toy created by Baline Labs for the Rokat to have sex with. They were originally created to damn mortal souls using temptation, but later they gained independent thoughts. The Damos are in mindless hives and always live and exist in small groups. These groups consist of four or five members over seen by a hive leader, which is connected to a Puthadian hive master. The Damos behave as their hive masters do. They have fewer independent thoughts and those they do have are solely about sex.

Damos are closest to their roots as sex toys in that they have sex wherever and with whom ever they can, willing and sometimes unwilling victims. It is not uncommon that when they do have kids that they have sex with them too. Damos are the true free love society, without any rules whatsoever. Most of the simple-minded debauchery is done by the Damos in the countless rapes that occur throughout the city of Puthade. The Damo has a high-pitched feminine male voice, and speaks as if always horny, which is an exaggerated Vinori accent.

The Damo is most noted for its obedience to its Puthadian master, but little can be done to stop a Damo’s insatiable appetite for sex. Damos have no desire for courtly love or chemical enhancements. They just want it now. The Damo is often seen with a semi hard penis, seeking another sexual encounter. They are often involved in rapes. The Damo is almost 7 feet tall and often skinny and with dark skin and silver hair, but other hair colors have been seen.


It takes a Dosuka 9 years to reach full adulthood and they can expect to live around 20 years, but almost 30 has been noted for this species. The Dosuka are an ocean going species with real strength. They are a peaceful species until they are confronted by another clan. They live in clans in small villages by the sea. They are great fishermen and are semi aquatic, standing about 5” - 5’6”, with a muscular build made softer by a layer of fat as insulation to the colder waters of the Outer Ocean.

The Dosuka have claws, which help them grip and webbing between their fingers, which help them swim faster. They have brown to black short fur and strong chiseled wolf like faces, with bright blue eyes. The Dosuka are the only species to make its living off the sea, sometimes never setting foot on land.

They live in cities to work in the factories, but will always miss the sea. They are also great at making trade deals and, sometimes sent into space ahead of the Rokat to attempt a trade deal before we do a conquest. The Dosuka have invented and built ships to sail the seas, long before we bothered to set sail. The Dosuka have strong reverence for Paliay, the Goddess of the Sea.


They are the newest conscripts to the Rokat Empire. The Rokat have not described their physical appearance other than to say they are a race of Greys.


Purely spiritual beings that inhabit Elaera, a realm that bridges Earth, Kidasuna Sirius, Pleiades, Typhon and 7 other worlds not currently known. These beings are all sentient and come in a variety of forms that they include Elves, Werewolves and beasts, Merpeople, unicorns, dragons, shape shifters and many more not listed. They clearly have an agenda in guarding ancient artifacts and possess great spiritual, but are limited in what they can do physically.


Eleni are true elves in the sense that they are pure hearted nature beings. This race has most of its population in spirit and is the source population for elves that live in spirit, but this species does maintain a physical population that is highly spiritually evolved.

Equus Sapian

These are a species manufactured to appear as horse humanoids. They have horse features like hooves on their feet, tails and horse like faces. They do have hands like humans, but they have fur that can be any color like birds. They can be described as Technicolor pony people. They live in idyllic villages free from anything negative. They serve as servants and grounds keepers for the Puthadian High Castle and Jakoba’s Imperial Lodge. This species in the form known to the Rokat is only about 35 years old as of 2015. This species was first ordered by Jubali to be made by Baline Labs are part of an obsession to My Little Pony. Currently as of 2015, members of this species are for sale with custom coloring by Baline Labs in Puthade. They are not a free sentient race at this time due to their lack of desire to be free. They are known for their childish playful nature and a love for fantasy worlds. They live entirely in sheltered theme parks designed to keep them from being exposed to the real world.

Galactic Federation of Light

This organization does exist and it is at war with the Rokat. They are known to have a 12 member council and no absolute ruler. The GFL is an organization that arose after the civilizations facing the Andromeda Galaxy started realizing that they face a threat from the Rokat. The organization is bent on protecting Earth and at least 11 other planets. They have some sacred reverence for Earth that we on this planet are denied knowing about. I do not know what the Rokat call this organization but at least one military branch has a given name. The Rokat call this division the Ke Marufi, which is a direct translation of The Project.

There is a channeler that knows a lot about this division of the GFL military, but she will deny any connection and so do the entities that present to her. This is a division created to protect Earth from the Rokat and at least two other negative alien species. The Rokat gave a name for the planet from which the GFL leaders hold their councils and government. It is called Moku sha mi Milab Joki; this translates to (World of all Universal Love).


Gurabi take 7 years to grow up and live to 25 years. The Gurabi are the Mountain People in love with the high peaks on the mainland. They are sparsely populated, but a strong fortified people. They live in the valleys in city-state like governments. They are strong and hold many features of their ancestors, which are flying mammals.

The Gurabi are usually 4’6” - 5’ tall and very stocky build with bear like faces. They have a deep barrel chest and short legs and a strong upper body, with long muscular arms. They have claws on their fingers like climbing spikes. They are the only species to have a tail, which is about hand length and fleshy. They are usually brown to gray in color and covered with a thick coat of woolly hair.

The Gurabi might be as smart as humans, but never developed a civilization beyond the pre-industrial era out of necessity. They live by mining the mountains for rare metals and gemstones. They are known to be good workers when they live in the big cities.

The Gurabi are best known for their determination, which rivals that of me. They are also very clever and know how to solve problems in the high mountains, where they live as a loose collection of city-states. They all speak a language, which they are born with. They are known to worship the Spirit of the Land, Kuliay.

Holy Federation

The Holy Federation is a group that is like the Galactic Federation in our galaxy that is fighting the Rokat Empire. It is said to be led by His Most High. This leader is without a real name. This Federation has a border between the Virgo Cluster and the NGC 4697.


The Rokat do not have a native word for humans, but derogatory terms have come up. Nigara, which is a rough word play on the Spanish (negro). The term in the Rokat use simply means (nigger). The other term used by the Rokat is (Gashidi) which means (Suprandro). The Rokat have proven to be racist when it comes to humans, so the term to white people is not derogatory. Humans are best known to the Rokat for their intense need to hate and kill, which in some cases can rival the Rokat themselves.

The Rokat describe humans as being born evil. They say that 100% of humanity is 100% evil. They say there is no hope for good or salvation for the human species. Humans and Rokat have a lot of similarities in cultures and family structure. Rokat use humans as a source of nutrition and have elaborate ranching systems in place to grow humans as food. Humans that live with or under Rokat rule have no rights and it is said that rats get treated better.


They are most similar to the Succubae on Earth, but this race is physical and supplements their occult powers by feeding off sexual energy rather than deriving their vital force that way.


This is a species that lives in the Andromeda Galaxy that is said to hold a council that governs how Earth is to be used. They live on a planet called Hatona. This species is not described by humans. There planet and species has been annihilated by order of Supreme Emperor Jakoba Hitikara in 2013.


There is no physical description anywhere in the Prophecy about this species, but I was told off record that they are frog like. They live on a planet in the same solar system as the Rokat do, but their planet is manufactured. The Lawarians are a manufactured species on a manufactured world and ecosystem. I do not know how tall they are, but they are described as being amphibian with Neolithic technology. They once had a space force, but this was wiped out due to ongoing problems with them trying to wage war against the Rokat. The species was intended to be a delicacy, but I have heard nothing about them being eaten at all.


The Lyrans are a very powerful species, even the Rokat acknowledge how strong their technology is. Lyra was the location of the only starseed to ever reincarnate on Kidasuna came from.

Mol Genra

The Mol Genra is an ancient race of dragons that ruled the early universe. They still live in small isolated areas and one is on Kidasuna. This species is extremely polarized between Light and Dark. They are the ancestors to all the other reptilian species that are spawned off the Earth. Mol Genra lays eggs and the only example of clutch size would point to it being 5 eggs.

The only description I have is of a male Mole Genra. The dragon was a metallic color with iridescent colors and very shiny. This species may take the form of a classic European Dragon or Wyvern. It has a powerful tail and broad wings. The size of the Mol Genra is never clear but there are clues to them being very large and aggressive.


It is not clear how these aliens were interacting with the Rokat in the past. Since Yahweh is identified by the Rokat as coming from this species, it is a declaration of war. Rokat are able to kill them with minimal weapons. They are described only once as being fair skinned with platinum blonde hair and red eyes. They might have albinos as a class of leaders. They are extremely aggressive towards the Rokat.


This species has met with some serious harvesting by the Rokat as a food source. This predation has kept their species from dominating the region. The predation has however stopped in favor of Earth humans. There is little said about this species by the Rokat other than the fact they tasted good and have lean meat.


Puthadians are long lived and they grow up slowly compared to humans. The average Puthadian take 30 years to reach adulthood and can live to be 145 years old. The Puthadians are known for their obsessive need for cultural identity. They are aware of their being fabricated and thus seek an identity of their own. They are stylized in their attitude towards life; similar to how most straight men would view homosexuals, though Puthadians are about 66% heterosexual.

Puthadians have very creative minds and have an understanding of art that the Rokat and Vinori lack. They create paintings and sculptures, both things that the Rokat and Vinori rarely create. They have an eye for natural beauty, which the Rokat do not see in nature, though both species value nature equally, the Puthadian is able to understand the abstract while Rokat and Vinori are blind to that aspect of things.

Puthadians are often very tall, being around 6’6” for the men and 6’ for the ladies. They are seen as very sexy by both Vinori and Rokat. They have lean bodies, smooth and hairless except for an often-full head of hair. They have pointed ears and cat like eyes just like their source genetics, being that of the Rokat. Obesity is unheard of, for they love to keep in shape.

Puthadians are the only species on Kidasuna capable of courtly love. They all seem to want a night with their master, Jubali, but many know they will never have him. They often indulge in their city’s pleasures and finery, if it can be called that. They are seemingly immune to addiction for they enjoy hardcore drugs and sexual enhancements without becoming dependant. They deeply enjoy gossip and often know things about the Rokat hierarchy that the Rokat hierarchy does not know about themselves. They are known to act like teenage schoolgirls.

The Puthadians often extort money from their subservient hives to get by and sometimes become rich. While rich himself, Jubali is extorting money from them. Most Puthadians become even wealthier when they become actors in theater which is often viewed by Rokat. Most stage actors are seen as objects of desire and pleasure, which goes directly to their heads, leading to long lasting relationships with big time theater owners, who themselves are often Puthadian.

Only the Puthadians and Jubali have ever had loving sexual relationships that lead to marriage. The Damo is too horny to stay with any one partner, but the Puthadian finds love, whether it is with the same gender or not. Same gender marriage is legal in Puthade, along with everything else. The Rokat and Vinori banned same gender marriage, simply as a deterrent to keep Puthadians from moving to their cities long term; a measure to keep Puthade contained.


They are believed to have once been Rokat that gave fully into their corruption and became demonic. This species is an energy based species that lives inside select stars. This species can however leave their star and possess a living body to experience pleasures that cannot be obtained without flesh. They live forever and only reproduce by corrupting new souls that are sent to their star. This species has a clear description in the Prophecy having a sudden fall from the mortal reality into the ethereal, where corruption destroyed them.

The Rakashanamakanas are known for their malevolency towards all life and have a blind drive to create chaos wherever they manifest. This species is not limited by distance or time. They are able to manifest anywhere at any time. This is one of the species that is trying to manipulate the Rokat and use them. There is no way to banish one of these entities once it decides to follow you. This is the most dangerous species in the universe other than the Rokat themselves.


They are described as being a Nordic type alien. The Rokat say their home world is polluted extremely badly. The Rigelian home world is Rataruse in the Rokat star charts.


The Rokat as a whole have an Empire that stretches from the Andromeda Galaxy as far as the Virgo Cluster and Ursa Major Groups. Most of the Rokat Empire is in the Canes Groups. This species has extended its reach throughout the Corona Borealis and Microscopium Voids. The Rokat Empire is known to have 1.2 billion colonized planets and have 150 million species under its authority. The Rokat population is 320 quadrillion with 6,000 quadrillion other species. Average planet population is 5.266 billion though Rokat alone average 266 million.

Rokat Dominion

The Dominion Rokat are a race of the Rokat and are much more ancient that either the Rokat Warrior Race or Master Race, which both are native to Kidasuna. The Dominion Rokat is a combination of both types on Kidasuna. The Dominion Rokat is a race that is identified by its full blood red mane. They have a mane like a lion that is deep red in color and darkens to almost black in old age. The Dominion Rokat takes about 12 years to fully mature. Dominion Rokat live to be about 65 years in age.

This race of the Rokat stands over 8 feet tall. The males are the same height as the females. The females are much more cerebral than the males. The males of this race are extremely prone to violence and rage. This is the race that set the stage for the male drive to wage war. The females are violent, but are much more able to think through how to win a war. The females only make up about a 6th of the population of Dominion Rokat. The reason is that males are wasted in war and there needs to be a lot of them.

The reason the tide was turned with the races that formed on Kidasuna is that the females specialized in breeding and ruling. The females are not all mated, so females take up leadership positions even on the front lines. The Dominion Rokat do not send females into battle at all. The childhood of the Rokat species has been lengthening over the passage of time.

Rokat Warrior Race

All Rokat races have three genders. The genders are male, female and eunuch. The Rokat eunuch is a natural born gender that lacks any sexual organs. They are known for having a very long life, up to 300 years. The Rokat Warrior Race only lives 120 years on average. The Rokat Warrior Race takes 15 years to fully mature.

The Rokat Warrior Race is a common type of Rokat, which make up the bulk of the Rokat in this universe. Males are shorter than females. Males stand about 5’6” inches on average. Females stand 6’3” inches tall on average. The male is much more aggressive than the female. The Rokat Warrior Race is exceptionally strong for their size. Males can lift over 2,000 pounds of weight. Females are very weak compared to males, but are still deadly to humans. Both males and females have hands and feet tipped with curved claws.

Both genders walk on their toes with the heel acting as a second knee. The female has exceptional agility. The male’s small size is meant to keep them compact in structure, but they can be almost as agile as the female. The male can jump the highest, run the fastest and survive the greatest injuries, but they lack the mental capacity of the female. Females are smarter and are more able to produce technology. The males only make up a quarter of the population, simply because they need to be taken care of by the females. Most males are so strong that they cannot do delicate tasks, which have been handed to the females because of the male’s drive to wage war.

The Rokat male with age has a red mane that grows gown the length of the back. The length of the mane itself determines rank and ability to survive. A long mane which can grow about 6 inches at the neck is a hero or champion. Most Rokat never grow a mane that long, but the hair does however grow down the center of the back about 1 to 2 inches long. The term (Fire Back) is used by several alien races to identify the Rokat. The female does not grow a mane like the males. The mane does stop at the base of the lower back, no matter how long lived a male is.

All members of this race have orange to red hair and mane. The males tend to start out orange, but age reddens there hair. The females are always a bright red color. This race of Rokat is best known for their bad tempers and ability to take pain. They are not able to rule or develop a colony past the Victorian Era level on their own. Both genders are known for their bright blue to green eyes, but green is the most common. The Rokat Warrior Race does not tan very well and are somewhat restricted to northern and southern latitudes.

This race is also known for their zeal in battle and the famous Rokat blood-lust, which only the Rokat Warrior Race can experience. The Rokat Warrior Race has a strong drive for conflict and feeds off of the defeat of their foes. Rokat Warrior Race is very resistant to radiation and toxic environments, even though they love nature. The females often run the society, because the male is so specialized in the art of fighting.

Rokat Master Race

The Rokat Master Race is not very common, but each community has at least one family of the Rokat Master Race to take up leadership positions. Both genders of the Rokat Master Race are tall and average about 6 feet. They have much more physical similarity and the male is much frailer. This race of Rokat is known for their mystical abilities and ability to develop technology. They are very logical and not so prone to war. The Rokat Master Race takes the longest at 22 years to reach adulthood. Rokat Master Race lives 160 years on average.

Rokat Warrior Race is very dark colored. There skin can be almost black, but their hair is platinum white. There eyes are usually yellow to green and are very vivid in color. The males of this race also grow a mane, but it does not grow long. The mane of a male is short, but it still grows down the center of the back to the base of the spine with age. This race of Rokat still walks on the toes and is very good at long distance sprinting.

Both male and female of this race are cerebral. The males still only make up about a quarter of the population, but this is redundant from their ancestry to the Rokat Warrior Race. The Rokat Master Race developed the technology that the Rokat Warrior Race is using. The bulk of technology comes from the Rokat Master Race and they are most in charge of civilization.


This species reaches adulthood at 12 years of age and can live to be 35 years old. The Satane are farmers who love the earth and its bounty. They live on the lowlands on the main continent where they worship Toliay. They never get involved with the conflicts of other species. They are politically neutral on all fronts and are left to do their work when a war passes.

They are 5’9” - 6’6” and usually gray to black in color. They are lightly built, strong and fast. The Satane are fast at running and jumping, which makes them adapted to life in open planes regions. The Satane have the longest legs of any Big Four species and the only species able to walk on its hands. This species is characterized by its cat like faces and velvety fur.

The Satane live in cities as merchants and business workers. They do not have a strong sense of culture, because of their nomadic nature. The Satane might be the most numerous of the Big Four, since they live in just about every city on the planet that has farmable land.

The Satane are best known for their skill with mathematics. The Satane are a very hospitable species. They have a saying that goes, “My home is your home”. The Satane work in hospitality and own many of the hotels on Kidasuna.


Very little is said about this species. I know they are produce by the union of a Rokat female and a Damo male. The offspring will grow up to be about the size of a Rokat Warrior Race male, which is true for both genders. They are the smallest type of Rokat and the most aggressive. They can reproduce on their own, but this is only done in limited numbers. It is said that sha-Rokat are so aggressive that they are always on the edge of reaching blood-lust. This species is exclusively dedicated to the warrior life.


This is a race of beings born by Shakina, Shikina and fathered by Janu Hitikara.  They are made to be the forces of absolute good and absolute evil.  There is no separation from polarity for this race except if they found freewill.  Evil however wins out and the Shen’va became evil sorcerers and they begin to use puppetry magic to control others.  An uprising of this race is coming about that will change the history of all Creation.  This race is completely hidden from all except Yehvon Kelta’os, a Zarrae King who houses the Shen’va in his castle.


Sipanies have just as fast of a life as the Damos. Having come from the same framework DNA this species has the same life cycle. They grow up fully in 1.5 years and die at 30 years old. They are named for Sipani Pass, where Shanibala was invaded. These are the rape squads directly under Jubali’s control and telepathically connected to Jubali’s insatiable sexual appetite. They are said to roam the streets of Puthade, making the city unsafe for anyone seeking to go to the White Heavens.

Because of the Sipani, few go to visit Puthade itself, but go to several safe areas to conduct business. The Sipani are like the police of Puthade, but instead of keeping the law, which does not exist; they simply scare away anyone that would otherwise not be a native Puthade resident. Rokat, Vinori and Inugans do not go to this city unless absolutely necessary. “The rape squads will get you.”

The Sipanies are often wielded by Jubali as a weapon to defend his city, though it has never historically worked. The Rape Squads are extremely horny, known to never be without a hard penis and ready for an encounter with an opponent’s butt, often a fatal encounter. The Sipani has a penis that is three feet long when hard and about three to four inches thick tipped with a ring of needle like teeth.

The Sipanies are often dressed in frightening leather outfits to add to the fear factor created by these 8-foot tall monstrosities. They are often with bulging muscles and copper skin, which is the only way too know it is a Sipani. They are not known to be very vocal like their smaller less frightening counterparts. When they do speak, it is more a guttural grunt than actual speech.


Nothing much is said about this species by the Rokat. They have a base on Mars and they had a hand in creating the Kundalini for them and other fallen species to use to reach divinity. The Sirian home world is called Jinoku by the Rokat.


This species is a silicon based life form that lives in the Leo 2 Groups. There home world is Called Biloba by the Rokat. They are a race that is acting against the Rokat in a lot of area ranging from political to industrial. This species is best described as rash and harsh in their dealings with the Rokat. They do on occasion ally to the Rokat whenever it suits them. The physical appearance of the Toma is grayish metallic or stone like humanoids.


They are an offshoot race of the Elaerans.  See “Elaeran” for further information.  Vandraniah is a collection of worlds very distant to Earth or any Rokat colonies.  Their history has just begun and the first stage is distance from Kidasuna and a chance to develop their own future as they want.


The humans call them the Verdants. This race lives 15 million light years from Earth in another galaxy. The Rokat describe them as peaceful unless provoked. The Rokat have provoked them. The Boraji are meddling in the Rokat’s political affairs with disastrous results leading to war with this species. The given name for this species planet is the same as the species name.


The Vinori species has three genders.  The Vinori call their sperm-carrying male, Water, as in watering the fields. The egg-carrying female is called the Seed, as in the source of new life. The womb-carrying female is called the Soil as in the place where seed is watered and allowed to grow into new life. The Water and the Seed both have penises like the human male and derive pleasure in much the same way.  The Soil, which is the womb that carries and nurtures the offspring, will mate in a threesome style.

The male “Water” appears masculine often with a swimmer’s build, lean and tall.  The Vinori are an Elvin kin species with the pointed ears, but with slit pupils in their eyes like cats.  It is known that Vinori males have facial hair, but little or no pubic hair.

The egg female “Seed” appears like a teenage boy, slender and frail in appearance.  They are tall, but not as tall as the male.  They have neither facial nor pubic hair.

The womb female “Soil” appears as an elegant woman with very Elvin features.  They are tall, fair, cat eyed and very intelligent.  The female rarely has pubic hair. The Vinori average out at 6 feet tall.  The Males are the tallest averaging 6’3”, the Seed Females average at 6 foot and the Females average out at 5’9”.

I do not know much about their actual sexual practices, but it is obviously done in a three-way.  The Vinori Females rule society and live in large houses where they live all their lives.  The other two genders live in small houses and number 85% of the population.  A sperm and egg carrying couple will marry, but will have to find a womb female to have children.  The children stay with the mother in their large house while the parents return home.  The parents visit their children, but they do not care for them.

If the child is a Soil Female, she lives in the house of her mother, but if it is either carrying sperm or eggs, they move out and get their own houses.  All Vinori villages have at least one large house to house the womb females and their children.  In Vinori society, the womb females make all the decisions and rule.  Though all can own land, the womb females have the final say.  Each house is like a house of prostitution; it has a madam who runs it.  This madam is always the eldest and wisest in that house.  If there are many houses like that, they will elect a leader, which is given absolute power for life.  She becomes an empress of a castle, which governs several towns and villages.  Sometimes castles ally together and form powerful nations.

Day to day life for a womb female is more of being pampered by your servants, which live nearby and may even have children in the houses they work.  This is the most coveted job, for it guarantees children.  The children are schooled at home, but when they are adults can go to a trade school or occult school and further their learning.  Instead of inheriting the jobs of their parents, one can just go to school and learn something else.

Vinori do not trade with or even allow outsiders into their capital city.  All Vinori trade is with other Vinori cities.  Though some towns have opened their arms to outsiders, but this is extremely rare.  The best-known open Vinori village is Old Shanibala, which is built on an old trade route leading into the Rokat section of town.  Vinori are very secretive and even if their village is open, they tend to hide much of their lives.

All Vinori have an extremely high standard of living.  Due to the great leadership of their womb females, the Vinori prosper.  Due to the Rokat, they are not able to expand across Kidasuna, but live in a fractured but loosely connected civilization.

The Vinori live 8,500 Kidasuna Years or 12,700 Earth years.  Just like the elves in mythology, they live a long time.  The Vinori gestation is 6 months and they reach adulthood at age 30 or 40.  After that, the Vinori enjoy a life looking no older than 25 in human years for 6,000 Kidasuna Years.  When a Vinori has about 2,500 years left, he begins to show his age.  Even in old age, a Vinori remains rather healthy.

The Vinori are highly religious and follow a number of nature based systems of worship.  There are a few dominant negative, fear based religion and all of them dream of the return of their queen.  This queen is Sahia Blood Queen and she is known to the Rokat as the most evil being that exists and does not exist.  The Vinori if not making more Vinori are going to school in the Temple of Slaughter to learn how to resurrect Sahia to rule all Vinori and take them to victory.

Vinori are also known to drink copious amounts in taverns and feast in large community halls to celebrate their major holidays. The harvest is their largest celebration followed by the breaking open the previous year’s wine. After that, each town will have its own holidays, usually making up the current leader’s birthday and victories in battle.

It might also be true that the Vinori are the distant ancestors of the Elenari who live on other planets. The history and some of their words match definitions with Vinori technology and history. The Rokat are genetically related to Vinori, but it is clear that a merger has occurred between the egg female and the womb female in Rokat.

Three genes determining gender exist in all three Vinori genders, but only one is active at a time in each gender of the Vinori species. In Rokat, the female has both feminine gender genes active, giving the Rokat female both eggs and uterus. This is extremely rare in Vinori, and is usually characterized by female pubic hair.

The Vinori and Rokat are only subspecies of each other with a common ancestor, possibly being more Rokat in appearance. The Vinori are feminized Rokat using the gender genes independently. If a Vinori or Rokat has all three active, the child will be sterile with ambiguous genitals.

It is believed that when the two feminine gender genes activated again, the Vinori began to evolve into the modern Elenari races. Since the Elenari have a flexible gender identity, it is possible that the species has become viable with all three-gender genes active.

The Vinori are a bit more creative than Rokat, in that they wear jewelry outside of ritual use. They are known to have a more fluid approach to building cities than the Rokat, which are more mechanical in their approach. The Vinori are not known to create aesthetic art, like wall paintings, but are known to make art that pertains to ritual and magical use.

The Vinori womb females have crossed over into being seen as creative in that they take much pride in how they appear before others. They often wear lavish gowns and decorate their homes with artifacts from Rokat and other contacted alien cultures. They are known to love ritual objects from other cultures, while the homes of their kin are often basic.

The Vinori are also known for their worship of the stars and a species of alien called the Celestials that they say rule the universe. The Vinori have a very strong identity when it comes to solar worship. The Vinori have legends and stories about how the stars are alive and are thinking beings. It is said that the Vinori greatly fear a few of these stellar entities as malevolent and demonic.

The Vinori are a species that lives very close to nature and they never build large cities. 1,000 Vinori is a larger metropolis to them. This species lives off the land and they tend to shun technology. They can develop technology if the need is there, but they prefer to remain very low tech.

War Damo

The War Damo is a top level project by Lakisha Hadis and the date of its creation is unknown. The War Damo was made as a last resort to help the Rokat or Puthade defend itself. The species is best known to having a drive to kill as strong as a Damo’s drive to make love. This species loves to kill with greater zeal than the Alpha Draconians or humans. It is violent and the only thing that gives them pleasure is destruction.


A race of vampires related to the Eleni and is an offshoot race on their own evolutionary course away from the base species. They feed on blood, but can consume cooked food without ill health, but need blood for medical reasons. This species rules in 144 known kingdoms, all of Kidasuna and maybe the source of the Vampire’s mythical abilities, while human genetic conditions led to the pathological conditions of Vampires in human mythology. This species is clearly power hungry and they are known for practicing arranged marriages.

Zeta Reticulan

This species lives on two worlds and the Rokat are not clear which one spawned this species. No description is given by the Rokat. They call this race the Grey Skins. It was said by a hardened warrior that this species is used as a delicacy among the warrior elite that are waging wars within reach of these star systems. The two named planets are Zitegisa and Retiluki. The Rokat have claimed that Retiluki is more developed than Zitegisa. This species is only identified by the Rokat as a test of strength to eat one and a snail like taste to the meat. The Rokat have identified their home system as Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2. This civilization has no trade agreements with the Rokat and the only interaction is that of prey.

Kidasuna is a Deadly Threat to Earth

I have had conversations with the Rokat for many years, nearly 16 years as of when this was written.  These are just snippets that show just how fucking evil the Rokat really are.  There is no making peace with this civilization of warriors.

"~" Means that irrelevant material was removed.

Operation Fire Storm 13

(Jacob) (Jakoba Hitikara)

Jacob: I found the Holy Grail. I got names and 50 plus of them. I wonder how many of these people are still alive. I bet plenty of them are.

Jakoba: That is awesome. I am glad that you found someone that was willing to share this information.


Jacob: This next one has a lot of power. Hillary Clinton, Illuminati witch & mind-control slave handler, (address besides White House) Rose Law Firm.

Jakoba: That one will give me sway in some political arenas.


Jakoba: There are a lot of names in that list. Just a few more and I will be good for a while.

Jacob: Okay. I will get the best ones. King Juan Carlos I, King of Spain and Illuminati, Palacio de la Zarzuela, Madrid, Spain. How about a king! There is a queen on here too. Queen Beatrix (Wilhelmina Armgard), Illuminati & Queen, of the Netherlands. This last one is probably Jubali’s most powerful ally on Earth. Winthrop Rockefeller, Illumnati kingpin & porn dealer, Winrock Farms.

Jacob: Jakoba, have you heard of the Silver Legion? This is just another organization of Alien non-corporeals you will have to deal with. It seems the allies of Earth stop at the 9th dimensional reality.

Jakoba: That is good to know. The Celestials have yet to choose sides, but we offer the longest period of piece. The Celestials are omnipotent gods. They exist on the 12th dimensional reality. They are the most evolved and it is mortals that enrage them. To the Celestials we are all just worms that spread forth from their dead. In a way, it is true. Our form of life does stem from the death of Celestials that produce the matter that we are made of. Even the 9th dimensional beings are just star stuff. Their ethereal worlds still orbit stars and they live under the light of the Celestials. Even they will not acknowledge the purity and might of the Celestials.

Jacob: I want that to be the priority.

Jakoba: I am doing my best with the men on all my worlds. We have billions of births, but none will be ready for 17 Earth years. We have to train them at least. I will be having the War Damos produced on 270,000,000 worlds at the start of Winter 1st.

Jacob: Me and Daniel need to get off Earth.


Jacob: I think it is up to us to save Creation from the horrors of anal sex.

Jakoba: I am glad that you warned me of the evils taking place on Earth. I could have let thousands of starseeds on my ships with the Satanic taint.~

Jacob: How will you seal the women from anal sex?


Jacob: What if the humans have children?

Jakoba: Everyone will be sterilized and deviants will be isolated if need be. No one is going to breed the Illuminati Taint on my world. Everyone from Earth will be reeducated to my laws. They will die on my world and be reborn to devout Rokat families that will make sure the shame will burn them raw. I will not allow anyone to taint my codes and laws. I am GOD in the Rokat Empire.

Jacob: Do I get to keep mine?

Jakoba: You are the most virtuous of my allies. You obey the laws of the Prophecy and especially the works of Seuwrhan. ~

Milabs, Monarch, Montauk influenced by Jubali Tasihara

Now we are all going to burn in Hell or Kurane, someplace that is on fire.  This is why Puthadians are marks as a danger to humanity.

"~" Mwans that irrelevant material was removed to shorted section.

Any reference to GOD refers to the Rokat Supreme Emperor.

Jacob: Get your crazy council together, we got war to plan.

Jakoba: You have come back from MUFON with something useful?


Jacob: I have probably told you about James Bartley, but I am not sure. ~ I have not mentioned Milabs on Earth, but clearly you have your own with Operation End Smile and who knows what other plans you have.


Jakoba: I have summoned the Tri-Flame Council. ~


Jakoba: So he does know there is someone above the Dracos. That means the humans do know about us. We have long lost the element of surprise, because of Janu Hitikara. That fool left me a legacy of failure.

Jacob: His information is old, maybe 10 years. The GFL are warning the humans through dreams about your invasion plans.

Chalal: The GFL are not on Earth. We have determined that already. We still do not know why Earth is so important.


Jacob: I do not believe it matters. Not enough humans believe in the truth to be able to do anything.

James Bartley Examined by the Rokat

(Hello) Text like this indicated a note added to explained new developments.

Jacob: I just got done with reading through the first book about milabs.

Jakoba: Okay. It looks like you found a lot more information.

Jacob: I would like to note that James is still hiding stuff about milabs to protect those that came forward with information. I believe the information is more than thorough enough to tell us what we need to know. “It’s possible that their astral bodies may be transported to targets via the Global Positioning System (GPS) or some variant thereof.  It is not unusual to have targeting systems “piggy backed” onto the GPS.”

Jakoba: This system will be destroyed as part of our approach to Earth anyway. ~

Jacob: You may have to destroy the Black Knight Satellite. (The Rokat found out the Black Kight doesn't exist.) I suspect it might be part of this program. “It is certainly within the technological capability of the deep black military to initiate an out-of-body experience within a milab and then “lock on” to the astral operator’s unique electromagnetic signature and send the astral operator anywhere in the world above or below ground.  I am basing this supposition on anecdotal testimony provided by milabs who have been utilized as astral operators in conjunction with the known capabilities of targeting satellites.”

Jakoba: I have never been able to take control of it, so I also suspect that the technology is of a crystalline nature most similar to the Ciakars. We are not able to manipulate Ciakar or most reptilian technology.


Jakoba: It is unarmed, but it has defenses that will interfere with most technology, but ours is incompatible to such a degree that we will be unaffected. Our ships use magi-tech.

Jacob: With the GPS system destroyed they will have little access to sending astral spies. “She found herself in an underground tunnel system quite close to a number of people. From her description of these people they seemed to be the remnants of the Taliban and/or Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Her controllers had to reassure her that the people at the target location could not see her.”

Michiro: With me on the ground with Jakoba’s soldiers, they will not be so hidden. I have magic that will kill their physical body as well as disperse their astral self into oblivion. They will not recklessly waste their astral spies trying to see what we are up to on the hill.

Jakoba: I will be having a few sorcerers among my ranks to keep track of astral entities, human or otherwise.

Jacob: It is good that we are making sure to cover the magical reality.

Jakoba: A lot of this astral reality will be a real mess with the electromagnetic mess that will be around San Francisco during Operation Fire Storm.

Jacob: This might be where Jubali gets his sex slaves. I do not think I will be able to ride in those ships, since I am not part of milabs in any way. “To ensure compliance milab controllers have shown milab mothers futuristic scenes through virtual reality technology which depict American girls being rounded up during a State of National Emergency and sold off as sex slaves.  This has been done on a covert level in the United States for many years and has been going on at a tremendous scale in Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, the Ukraine and elsewhere since the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. The controllers tell the milab mothers to cut the hair of their daughters very short and dress them up as boys to give them a better chance of avoiding capture and enslavement. Since there is a worldwide market for young boys I’m not sure what good this will do. The controllers also remind their milabs not to trust their own military.”

Jakoba: So this is how Jubali traffics his slaves. I am guessing that the slaves are taken off Earth via Grey, reptilian and Ciakar ships to some other connection point to a trade ship that will reach the Rokat Empire. With my borders locked down as they have been for the last month and a half, it is a wonder that shipments from Earth ever reach Puthade.

Jacob: There must be some sort of Underground Railroad. That means a secret passage through hostile territory.

Jakoba: We will have to figure out how Jubali does it, because if commodities are arriving on Kidasuna, I am sure that Puthade is shipping something to Earth as trade. We might be able to use this passage of trade to bring soldiers to or near Earth where we can later deploy them.

Jacob: You might have milab allies in some of the Ciakar factions. “The aliens, particularly the reptilians and the dracs, must have a good reason for being interested in these milabs.”

Jakoba: I believe so. That means Jubali is using these channels to work a trade network to Earth. Maybe there is a way to bring soldiers into one of these bases if it is solely operated by an allied faction of the Ciakars.

Jacob: There might be a master to this whole thing. If you can get Michiro or Kida Hitikara to weave some powers of enslavement, you alone will control everything. “I must stress that the milab training I’m describing in this treatise may only apply to certain milab controllers and the milab group(s) under their control. It is possible that the various milab controller groups may fall under one administrative umbrella.  This may be the case if the comments of some of the milab controllers are to be believed.”

Jakoba: I will have to find out whom or what groups control the milabs on Earth. ~

Jakoba: Once I get control of the masters, I will control everything.

Shabawa: This will be a most powerful tactical tool we can imagine. We will have the power to cast the GFL off of Earth once and for all. We cannot allow this to slip us by. Knowing this, Jacob will have to try to find the name of at least one or several known milabs that you can cast a spell on.


Jacob: I will try and see where it goes. I am hoping by doing this that GOD might be able to actually come to Earth with some elite soldiers and rescue me without ever needing a ship. If a milabs complex in California can be taken under GOD’s rule, he can authorize sending a Gate Crystal and start sending soldiers. At least that way it will be a quiet mission and GOD can start paving the way to conquering Earth by some sort of surprise attack. Michiro, you will have to help repair the rivalry between the factions involved and get everyone going in one direction. “It is just as likely that bureaucratic rivalry and in-fighting exists or will exist between the various groups of milab controllers whether or not they share a common administrative leadership.”

Michiro: GOD will have to relieve the various groups of controllers from their overlords and replace them with GOD the All Father.

Jakoba: With me as their overlord, the New World Order will be the Order of Jakoba. There will be a piece of the Rokat Empire on Earth. Once I have full and absolute control, then my forces will rise to the surface and conquer Earth.

Jacob: There is an overlaying pursuit for every milab controller and that is controlling every aspect of life on Earth. “The one over-riding objective for every deep black intelligence organization is continued survival with as much autonomy and control of human and technological assets as possible. That much being said, every milab controller group I've ever heard of seems to be involved with operations that advance the Globalist New World Order agenda.”

Jakoba: This might have to become a new operation, but that is for later. We will use the milabs we gain control over as agents for colonization of Earth. Once we control milabs all over Earth we will have already won. The only thing to do is to announce Earth’s annexation to its people.

Shabawa: As a victorious High GOD, you should also make plans on what should be done with the spoils of war.

Jakoba: I will wait another day to work on my final plans. We still have to finish with Operation Fire Storm and carry it out.

Jacob: Just let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Jakoba: Michiro needs to names of some milabs that he can put under Kida’s spell. Any name that they gave power too will work. I know James Bartley is not his real name, but the name is like a shield of protection. This means it holds great power if one finds a way to command it by means of sorcery.

Jacob: Hi Jakoba. I read up more on Project Monarch. It is being run by Jubali on many levels. I believe he has trained an army of human Sipanies. They are currently in the hands of the enemy though. There are names, but sadly, I suspect most if not all of them are dead now.

Jakoba: I have gotten my results with Jubali. He has admitted to his part. He told me he lied to you to protect you from the truth.

Jacob: Why would he do that? I always get the truth anyway. He was claiming you gave him command of Operation Second Genesis aka Operation Ponyville.

Jakoba: Operation Second Genesis is what we called the Lawaro Project when it was run by the military. It was funded by the military and handled through Baline Labs. Operation Ponyville is just Jubali’s plan to recreate Equestria on a habitat class ship. He was making this all up Jacob.

Jacob: He is trying to protect me. Protect me from what?

Jakoba: He is fully responsible for humans learning how to enslave through sexuality. He trained the ancients to rape their enemies. He delved deeper into human affairs with the Montauk Project and now Project Monarch. He is trying to conquer Earth for his own purposes.

Jacob: Have you found out anything about his system of trade and if it can be used to spirit me off this planet?

Jakoba: The Draconians are working the human half of the network. Sex slaves are being trained on Earth. They are trained in their dream state and abused physically when possible. I am going to implement some of these tactics to train my Virgin Vanguard. I plan to make most of the training an astral affair and only have them strength train in the physical reality.

Jacob: I am glad that you have found some use of these techniques in your mission. I think we should talk about the Montauk Project. “The Montauk programming takes less than a week for a full blown program install and less than 30 minutes for a typical tune up or to add new programming. You no longer have to program one person at a time. The electronic method can insert the programming information directly into the subconscious mind for an entire room full of programming victims. The newer electronic method of mind control will work equally well on boys or girls, whereby the earlier phases of the Montauk programming were trauma based and would only work properly for young boys, thus it acquired the name of Montauk “Boys”.”

Jakoba: Jubali has given the humans technology to aid in this. I know a lot of Puthadian techniques and Sipani techniques have gotten into human hands. These techniques are quite abusive to say the least. The Sipani techniques to sexually abuse sex slaves are by far the worst.

Jacob: If the humans are using such drastic measures, there must be some end they are trying to achieve.

Jakoba: Jubali wants to enslave humanity to his will. There are some shortcomings to the use of the Puthadian Unified Mind. Humans do not plug in very well unless their character is dissolved and rebuilt as a sex slave. When this is done the human sex slave will connect to Jubali.

Roswell and Kidasuna

Rokat Authorized Roswell Crash

Jacob: This part proves that the spirits and the GFL work together.

Jakoba: This has come up because of Daniel once in the past. This guy is saying that the humans have reverse engineered alien technology.

Gimosu: It seems that the humans were given this technology, but it was made to look like a crash.

Chalal: I have something here that says that the Draco shot down the crafts of other alien races to allow the humans access to the technology.

Jakoba: Let me see that.

Chalal: *hands over document*

Jakoba: The Ciakars made a deal with the humans too. Even though their overlordship is complete, they still have to work with the humans to maintain control. The plan that Janu Hitikara authorized by this order was too have the humans’ access alien technology, but not that of the Ciakars. The Ciakars would attack enemy crafts in an attempt to shoot them down and leave the wreckage for the humans.

Shabawa: Janu made a grave mistake allowing such an authorization to take place. Does the document say what types of craft could be targeted by the permissions?

Jakoba: Yes, it says that the craft where to be research vessels only armed with minimal weapons. The humans have reversed engineered the technology and weaponized it.

Jacob: Why would Janu do something that stupid?

Jakoba: Janu was very stupid and he greatly underestimated his foes. The humans now have weapons they should not.

Shabawa: We have technology they cannot affect. The humans are using this technology to protect Earth.

Jakoba: The document does not have the reason why, but it was a big mistake. The humans now have space capable fleets. So the humans have Pleiadian crystalline technology.

Shabawa: This is technology we can defeat.

Jakoba: It seems like the amount of technology in human hands is minimal. They do not even have access to some of the ships that crashed.

Jacob: James is saying they had a hard time opening the ships, but he did not say they could not get in. We should assume they opened the ships in their custody.

Jakoba: We will take that into account. We should also expect the Pleiadians to step up to the defense of Earth. We will make our mission goal the priority. Getting you and Alicia off the planet is the sole reason I made a plan for Operation Fire Storm.

Proof of all Magical Beings

My master piece is complete. EVP, Alien Home World, UFO Wars, Angels and Demon all in one video. Absolute proof that all magical things exist. Skeptics need to shut the fuck up. This was made in response to NASA hiding proof of aliens and UFOs. Now they can't deny the reality.
This video is specifically angelic stuff.